State-of-the-Art>>Crushes<< the competition!

• Automatic draining hermetically sealed system!

• ammonia smell!

 No nightly cleaning and emptying drudgery!

• No additional chemicals, deodorizers or sanitizers!

• No smelly, unsanitary plastic grass!

• No tracking pee on rugs, furniture or beds!

• Helps prevent urinary tract infections

• Empty only  once a week!

• Portable...handles like a briefcase!

• Take on trips, to the office, friends houses, pet friendly hotels, etc.

• Add more modules to fit any size dog!

• Grates snap out/in for easy rinsing!

• Environmentally friendly!

• Lifetime Guarantee!

• No other expenses…ever!

State of the Art™ is the 1st indoor dog toilet breakthrough that ends daily pee odor and the drudgery of nightly cleaning!

State of the Art™ is like indoor plumbing for your dog without the pipes!

Your family enjoys indoor plumbing. Now your dog can enjoy indoor plumbing as well - just like your family does!

Of the 17 other brands of indoor dog toilets in the world today, all 17 of those brands need cleaning and emptying smelly pee - at least 15 - 30 minutes a day...365 days a year! Ughh who needs it? Is it worth your time?

Using State-of-the-Art, you will be continually amazed as your dog stops what he/she is doing in the house, automatically goes to his/her private bathroom, day and night without bothering you, then resumes what he/she was doing!

And you’ll feel great because now you know for a fact your dog is truly comfortable all day and night!



New! Hermetically Sealed Odorless Dog Potty - Dog Toilet