Yes that's can train your dog in 1 day with our unique training system! !  It's easy and it works! ( tested and reported with complete success by many dog owners).
But you WILL have to condition yourself 1st a bit because you're going to have to handle ANOTHER dog's pee and poop directly! 
As you well know, when dogs can't communicate directly with each other, they have developed a indirect communication system of sniffing each other's peep and poop.   This indirect communication system is exactly like your own mail or email.  It is a indirect communication system that evolved over 1000's of years because direct communication is not possible at the moment.
Contained in the peep and poop is a UNIQUE SIGNATURE of that dog no different than your own unique signature or fingerprints.  While urine marking is the most common form of scent marking, poop is also used to leave a simple message like: 'this is my territory' or 'hi, my name is XXXXXX. When dogs poop, glands in the dog's anus expel a scent onto the poop but not quite as effective as the pee because the scent is not on every poop.
Dogs are very social animals that evolved with humans over 1000's of years. When you tell your dog you're taking him/her outside or he sees or senses it, he/she gets very excited as you noticed. That very excitement is the prospect of smelling other dog's pee or poop!
So your main task is to obtain a FRESH piece of ANOTHER DOG OR DOG(S) pee (perferably) or poop. and put it under the grates of your new State of the Art dog potty then spray a few sprays of our unique pheromone neutralizing spray (included in the box) on the pee (pad or paper) or poop.  It's that simple!  If one dog's pee or poop doesn't send the the correct message then obtain another dog's peep or poop will. 
"But where do I get a FRESH (not more than 5 days old) sample of ANOTHER DOG'S pee or poop from?" you ask.  Actually, there are lots of places.  Your friend's State-of-the-Art unit, your friend's puppy that is peeing on paper or pee pads, Your local dog shop selling puppies pee papers or organic matter from the puppy cages, picking up a stranger's poop after seeing the stranger's dog poop, etc. The potential sources are unlimited!
We spent 2 years (with a organic chemist) developing a unique pheromone spray (included with your unit) to neutralize certain dog pheromones in the other dogs' peep and poop.  Just simply spray the pheromone spray on the other dogs' pee or poop after you put it under the grates of your new State-of-the-Art unit.
This technique with our unique pheromone spray is almost guaranteed to work the 1st day you use it.  If not the 1st day, several days or several strange dogs pee and poop later it will work.  Some dog's pee contains dominance pheromes(smell odorants) that cause certain dogs to run the other away.)  
The more different dogs scents are under the grates of the State-of-the-Art unit, the more likely your dog will associate your new State-of-the-Art unit with the correct place just in order to signal back to the other dog(s)!
A few dogs will have a problem with the sensation of walking on grates. Our grates are rounded and are very comfortable when in contact with your dog's sensative paw pads. But it's the newest of the grate feel that a few dogs will reject initially.  In that case, start off using your new unit without any grates and introduce 1 grate a week (2 weeks) to your dog so he/she can very gradually get used to it. 
We have less than a 1% return rate because the dog will not use the unit.  We think it's the best in the industry!  This shows that virtually any dog can be trained if you have a little time and patience and follow our proven instructions.
Your dog must be ready to go outside because that’s his/her schedule.
Don't put him in the room with the new unit or directly on the unit until he clearly has to go. 
Or your dog hasn’t gone for hours and is doing circles or barking at the door or giving you other signals.
Or your dog has just eaten a full meal. Just like a human, a full meal immediately causes a  urge to poop.
At the right moment, confine him/her to a room with the new toilet in it and stay with him/her and pet and talk to your dog WHILE you put him on his new toilet. If things are going right your dog should circle on the unit and can't wait to pee or poop on it.  
You should get very excited, verbal and pet him/her SECONDS AFTER he/she goes because your dog needs the positive feedback from you to know he has pleased you. Also be sure to have his/her favorite special snack at the ready when he/she is finished.
As you no doubt know, dogs mirror humans in many ways.  Like each human, each dog has a unique personality.  In short, dogs have personalities, emotions and habits that can make training easy or difficult. Some dogs take to a dog toilet in hours, while other dogs take days, and a few dogs take weeks to learn how to use a dog toilet. 

Working with even a difficult dog has a hugh payback.  Once trained, a indoor dog toilet will save you 1000’s of hours and worry, not to mention savings in avoiding a vet because of 'holding it in' induced urinary track infections.


Using our listed training techniques, why not take a moment to help other users who might be having the same problem.  



After trying the '1 DAY PROVEN TRAINING METHOD' listed below and in the FAQ on this website, if  you are one of the few users who have had no success or marginal success training your dog please use the email on this site to contact us so we can help you!

We know you have many dog toilet choices. Product support is a intregal part of our product.  We are here to help you!


Also, as far as we know, we are also the only dog toilet manufactuer that maintains a  2100 sq foot cognitive training research facility where we test out training techniques suggested by our 1000’s of users.