I have been using indoor dog potties for 8 years with my Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I wished I had found this product sooner! This potty saves us so much money on dog potty pads and there is no smell because of the drainage system. Additionally, because the grate is rounded on top, it's much easier to clean and wipe down. The potty is made with special plastic that resists breakdown from uric acid. With the other potty we used, the urine would congeal on the bottom of the grate! It was so difficult to

I live in a high rise building and can't always take my dog out when he needs to go. I had been hoping to find something like this for a few years.

*****The State-of-the-Art potty is the best potty I have ever used with my dog. I used the artificial potty grass with tray for years and it was very inconvenient and very messy. My dog uses an indoor potty full-time. This potty is unique and is great because it is an enclosed unit. This is an easy device for any dog to use. I definitely recommend it.

*****Now, for dogs that refuse to use it like my dog, this is what I did. Initially, my dog did not want to use this new potty and adamantly refused. He even went potty other places in the house versus using this new potty. I remedied this. He needed to get it through his head that I am the alpha and I decide what is best for him and us. It took a whole weekend, but in the end it was worth it. He was use to the grass and I understood this, but this new grated potty is more convenient and thus better for a

*****Ok, so it wasn't the easiest weekend for me, but now I reap the rewards. This is soooo much easier than the grass and tray potty for me. He now goes to the bathroom on his own and not anywhere else in the house. But, if he did go in the house again, I would use the rolled up magazine lightly on him and say NO, NO and then set him again on the new potty. The pee pee goes directly into the device and I use a small sandwich baggy to pick up the poop and finish the cleaning with a baby wipe.

*****In my experience: This device lasts longer than the grass and tray. Instead of one day, now I wait about four days to change it out. Also, I have another clean one waiting to replace it, so there is always one available for my dog to use. Also, it is easier to clean and takes about half the time to clean as the grass. Also, there have been no pee pee mishaps. I don't know how many times in using the grass that the tray of pee pee would spill out on the floor. Also, the grass tracks

*****This works for me. It is a bit more expensive than the grass but has proven worth it. However, if it had been more expensive than it is, I probably would not have even tried it. I think that it is priced just right for what it delivers. The customer service has been wonderful. And YES, I would recommend this item with the understanding that if you have a dog that won't use it, it may take some time to get your dog used to it and/or trained on it. But, if my dog, Duke, who is VERY stubborn and strong-

When I needed to contact this company regarding my order, they replied promptly and were kind and professional in their customer service.

This is hands down the Best solution for an indoor dog potty on the market. I've tried everything, fake grass, ugodog, pads, etc. None of them worked well for my 2 maltese household. We have very hectic schedules, so taking the dog out, sometimes becomes a juggling act. This provides a great way to have a potty place in the house that absolutely doesn't stink. The urine is trapped within a chamber that is sealed off from your nose. You can wait and clean it once a week, rather than every day like the othe

I've tried pads, grass potties with poor performance and smelly results. This is worth every penny if you can get your dog to use it. One of mine will; the older one prefers grass or furniture. So he's crated when were away. I used old pad on top to teach puppy. She still has accidents, but she's getting better.